Volunteer Spotlight: Willow Ying

Willow joined our Fiver Team 3 months ago as a Database Administrative Volunteer and has completed over 100 hours of service! Throughout Willow’s time with Fiver, she has committed her Mondays and Fridays to ensuring all the 2018 Camp Fiver Applications have been accurately entered into our database. As a part of Ileana’s Operations and Accounting Team, Willow’s efficiency, organization and keen eye for detail has made a significant impact on the application process. Willow has truly embodied the Fiver attributes of being Responsible and Trustworthy throughout her time volunteering with Fiver. We are grateful to have committed volunteers like Willow who support Fiver’s mission and share their skills and expertise to benefit our organization!

Q. Why do you give your time to help Fiver Children’s Foundation?
A. I feel I'm valued as part of the team. I like volunteering at Fiver.

Q. What do you look forward to each time you volunteer?
A. My volunteer position is about updating, reviewing, registering and scanning camp applications, so I look forward to entering accurate and complete information into the database to help transition smoothly from paper into electronic camp applications.

Q. Please share a particularly powerful moment you have had while volunteering.
A. When I saw all the applications that I have updated, reviewed, and scanned into the system during my volunteer time, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Q. How has your volunteer experience helped you develop personally or professionally?
A. Helped me to improve my computer skill, analysis, problems solving, and communication skill.

Q. Will you apply what you learned during your volunteer experience in work or everyday life? If yes, Please elaborate.
A. Yes, for example I learned to work as a team player as well as work independently. I also learned to communicate with others and give feedback to my volunteer supervisors can improve my performance.

Q. How do you plan to support this organization in the future?
A. I will continue volunteering as a database administrator to complete this project before the summer camp start.