Volunteer Spotlight: Shu Wen Wu

Shu Wen joined our Fiver Team 3 months ago as an Accounting Intern and has completed over 100 hours of service! As a part of Ileana’s Operations and Accounting team, Shu Wen has committed her Tuesdays and Thursdays to making sure everything in the Accounting Department runs smoothly and providing crucial support wherever necessary. Throughout her internship with Fiver, Shu Wen has truly embodied what it means to be Responsible and a Learner. From the first day Shu Wen started interning, she was ready to expand her knowledge, and learn what it takes to organize an Accounting Department. Shu Wen has taken on unfamiliar tasks and projects, and has gone above and beyond when completing them. Fiver is lucky to have interns like Shu Wen who are willing to learn from their experience, grow personally and professionally, and are passionate about everything they do!

Q. Why do you give your time to help Fiver Children’s Foundation?
A. I wanted to learn more about accounting and everyone in Fiver is so welcoming.

Q. What do you look forward to each time you volunteer?
A. Ileana's element of surprise; my tasks are different almost every day.

Q. How has your volunteer experience helped you develop personally or professionally?

A. I learned about Quick Book and some bookkeeping responsibilities.

Q. How do you plan to support this organization in the future?
A. Volunteer when I have the time