Volunteer Spotlight: Merari Hernandez

Fiver is fortunate to have Merari as one of our Fiver Alumni Volunteers. As an alumna, Merari has committed over 150 hours to Fiver as an Administrative Volunteer, where she has helped at the front desk and with a wide range of administrative projects. Merari has been a wonderful addition to the office and is a positive role model for her fellow Fivers by embodying the Fiver attributes of being a valuable Team Player, Creative, Responsible, and Compassionate. Merari has gone above and beyond by volunteering outside of her committed role at almost all of our Fiver Family Events and programs during school breaks. Merari is always willing to help, from preparing monthly mailings to assisting with outreach. Merari does everything with creativity, and is always happy to help out in whatever way she can. Merari is a crucial part of the Fiver Team and we love having her volunteer here each week!

Q. Why do you give your time to help this organization?
A. Fiver has always been there even after graduating the program. Just trying to give back to an organization that has already given me so much.

Q. What do you look forward to each time you volunteer?
A. Seeing all of the work that gets put into making Fiver what it is.

Q. How has your volunteer experience helped you develop personally or professionally?
A. Personally my volunteer experience has helped me by taking me out of my comfort zone. I'm now more comfortable talking on the phone and with other people.