Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Rivera

Jessica started volunteering for Fiver Children’s Foundation in October as a Development and Marketing Volunteer. She dedicated her time to assisting with fundraising activities and events, updating Fiver’s donor database, and helping to prepare for Fiver’s annual gala. As a committed volunteer, Jessica truly embodied the Fiver attributes of being Responsible, Compassionate and a Team Player! Jessica recently shifted from her role as a Fiver Volunteer to an employee, where she continues to support Fiver’s mission of empowering youth as a Database & Development Administrator! We’re lucky to have Jessica as a member of the Fiver Team.

Q. Why do you give your time to help Fiver Children’s Foundation?
A. I give my time to this organization because I love what Fiver stands for and the impact that it has on children from my own community.

Q. What do you look forward to each time you volunteer?
A. Every time I volunteer I look forward to being a part of the Fiver team and being able to contribute in some way. Knowing that my contribution will impact a Fiver kid in a positive way is such a rewarding feeling.

Q. Please share a particularly powerful moment you have had while volunteering.
A. A powerful moment I had while volunteering was during the Ladies Luncheon. I was in awe by what Fiver alumni had to say about the impact Fiver has had in their lives as well as their families. I was especially moved by the words of a Fiver mom expressing her gratitude for Fiver and everything it had done for her daughter.

Q. How has your volunteer experience helped you develop personally or professionally?

A. Volunteering at Fiver has helped me develop personally and professionally. It is through this role I have come to understand that I want to work in the non-profit sector. I have been challenged to work out of my comfort zone and have grown professionally because of it.

Q. Will you apply what you learned during your volunteer experience in work or everyday life? If yes, Please elaborate.
A. I will apply everything I have learned during my volunteer experience in both my personal life and professional life. I have learned to work outside of my comfort zone and the importance of organizations like Fiver.

Q. How do you plan to support this organization in the future?

A. I plan to support Fiver by continuing to volunteer and be as involved as possible.