Summer in the City Week One

Summer in the City is off to a great start!  Today concludes the first full week of SITC programs.  Here's what our LEARN and TAP/LEAD kids have been up to so far...

Thursday, June 27: Garden Day

For our kick off event of SITC 2013, we invited LEARN Fivers to develop awareness about environmentalism through a day of hands-on activities related to gardening. With the help of volunteers from Goldman Sachs, we planted fresh basil, peppers, and tomatoes on our balcony garden, watered and weeded the plants, and gave Fivers basil plants of their own to take home. Later, we prepared a nutritious lunch using ingredients from our garden and donations from local CSA's. Finally, we watched a short film and had a discussion about photosynthesis, sustainability, and the importance of buying locally grown foods. 

Friday, June 28: Field Trip to a Farm

On Friday, we took a field trip to the Union Square Farmer's Market through Grow NYC's youth education program. We listened to a presentation on seasonality and local agriculture, sampled fresh fruits and vegetables, and spoke to a pig farmer. After a picnic lunch in the park we traveled to Long Island City where we toured an urban rooftop farm called the Brooklyn Grange. There we learned about bee's and pollination, worm composting, and the urban farming movement.  

Monday, July 1: Poetry Day

Poets from Nuyorican Poets Cafe came in to the office to perform spoken word pieces for TAP and LEAD Fivers. They also talked about how they entered careers in the performing arts and what it was like to work as poets. Some Fivers even shared their own poetry!

Tuesday, July 2: Do Something Visit

On Tuesday, the TAP and LEAD groups visited the offices of Do Something, a nonprofit organization that mobilizes teens to make change in their communities. 

Wednesday, July 3: Field Trip to Graffiti Museum / Reading Day

TAP and LEAD Fivers took a field trip to am exhibit showcasing street art and explored surrounding art galleries as well. Meanwhile, LEARN Fivers read stories about managing money responsibly with volunteers from the accounting agency KPMG and played games to improve literacy.