Fiver Volunteer Spotlight: Arielle

Arielle is one of Fiver’s most dedicated volunteers! From putting technology systems in place at the Fiver office to sharing her photography skills by leading youth workshops, Arielle’s work has been incredibly helpful to the whole Fiver community.

Arielle Geismar’s motivation to give back to the community stems from a deep interest in current events. As a member of her school’s Model United Nations, she developed an interest in global events; while this remains a passion of hers, Arielle has since grown more invested in the issues within her own community. Born and raised in New York City, Arielle learned about Fiver’s work through her brother, a previous Fiver intern, and decided to volunteer with the organization.

Arielle dove right in to her volunteer responsibilities; starting on day 1, she acted as photographer for Fiver’s annual holiday party, an event attended by current Fiver participants, their families, and program alumni. She remembers immediately being taken in by a strong sense of community: “As I walk around the room with my camera, I realize that I don’t need to ask people to do anything in the pictures because what’s there is real, and authentic. You can see the sense of community here at Fiver, which I don’t think is something you can get everywhere.”

While Arielle continues to put her photography skills to use at Fiver’s major events and youth programs, she also volunteers her time with Fiver in other ways. She recently completed a project in which she organized Fiver’s technology department, creating a system that enables Fiver students to easily sign out computers, chargers and cameras. Arielle is currently designing a photography curriculum for Fiver’s summer program. As someone who developed an interest in photography at an early age but did not feel like she had easy access to educational resources on the subject, Arielle wants her curriculum to teach Fiver students the basics while also allowing them to express their creativity freely: “By giving them the tools and teaching them the basics, it allows people to develop their own style and craft; it allows them to put their own unique spin on things.”

Arielle is looking forward to teaching her photography curriculum this upcoming summer, but she also has her sights on leading a youth workshop on law. Arielle’s interest in current events and education on the subject of law have prompted her to share her knowledge with the Fiver kids. “Fiver does a good job of educating kids here on social and cultural issues that are most relevant to them. From what I’ve seen Fiver doesn’t sugar-coat it; instead of saying you’re not going to experience this throughout your life, they’ll say, here are your rights, here’s how to deal with it.”

Arielle’s volunteer work at Fiver has been incredibly valuable to the Fiver staff, students and families, and we’re looking forward to her future projects!