Fiver at 15

Fifteen years ago this month, the first group of courageous children from New York City and Central New York set foot on Camp Fiver property for the first time. They took a chance on a new program, one without a proven track record of success, but one with a powerful mission and a visionary Founder, Tom Tucker. Inspired by his wife Heather’s involvement with Holiday House, a camp for girls on Long Island, Tom set out to build a camp where children could discover their strengths and conquer their fears.

In 1997, Tom and Heather Tucker walk the Keefe Farm, which would later become the site of Camp Fiver.

In 1999, the Camp Fiver dining hall takes shape.

This Sunday, more than one hundred children will board buses in Harlem, NY and East Flatbush, Brooklyn, headed for the quiet hamlet of Poolville, NY, more than two hundred miles from home. The land that we now know as Camp Fiver was previously a dairy farm, owned by the Keefe Family. Members of the local community would spend their summers swimming and fishing in Poolville Pond, at the edge of the property. This year, dozens of teens will demonstrate the meaning of the “R” in F.I.V.E.R. for Risk-Taker as they swim from one shore of the pond to the other, and back again. 

Poolville residents enjoying a dip in Poolville Pond in 1961, long before Fiver was even a thought in founder Tom Tucker’s mind.

Stay tuned all summer for more on "Fiver at 15," the past, the present, and the future!